Custom Home Design

As online home designer, we offer high-quality home design service to create your dream home. We create floor plan layouts with contemporary home interior design ideas for living room design, kitchen, and bedroom design.  Our open floor plans have a strong connection with outdoor living space. The modern house design is expressed with clean lines, open spaces and sufficient natural light. The custom home will ensure you get the best house design specifically for you.

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Custom Home Design Process

1. Analysis of your site

At first, we would need to obtain information about your lot. Site analysis takes into account the Sun path, best outdoor views, privacy, etc. We assist you in finalizing project brief.

2. Schematic design

This involves spatial floor plan arrangements and house appearance. We create various floor plan options with different house interior design possibilities. House architecture is expressed within your desired home design style.

3. Design development

Developing home design in the greater detail to finalise house floor plan with defined spatial arrangements. Offering various exterior design options with different cladding layouts, use of materials, various roof types, custom windows, house details etc.
Truoba custom home design

4. Final house design

This stage is reached once you are completely satisfied with the house plan layout, home interior and exterior design. Once the house design is finalized production of house plan drawings takes up to 1 week. More info
Final drawing set includes


Prices are set for house area only. It excludes garage and porch areas.

House plans
House plans