Custom Home Design – the house designed especially for you from scratch

As online home designer, we offer high-quality home design service to create your dream home. We create floor plan layouts with contemporary home interior design ideas for living room design, kitchen, and bedroom design.  Our open floor plans have a strong connection with outdoor living space. The modern house design is expressed with clean lines, open spaces and sufficient natural light. The custom home will ensure you get the best house design specifically for you.

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Prices are set for house area only. Garage and porch areas are excluded.

House plans
House plans
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What People Say

I looked on the internet using every house plan site that I could find. I never really found what I was looking for. I wanted my house to take advantage of wooded plot of land that I had purchased. I inquired how much it would cost to make changes to a house plan I liked on one of these sites. Even with this, the house wasn’t exactly what I wanted. After looking at 100’s of houses, I kept coming back to Truoba designs. I saw that Truoba does custom design houses at a price like the one I would have paid for by tweaking a prior design. I contacted Truoba by email and I was surprised at how fast I got response. The architect walked me through the whole process. He quickly and efficiently incorporated the ideas of what I was looking for. Making changes were never an issue. He wanted to make sure my design was what I wanted. When I wasn’t sure about something, he used his expertise and made suggestions. I looked forward to opening my email to see how my house were shaping up. I found the process enjoyable and easy. This will be my dream home, so while I hope not to build another one, I would happily utilize Truoba again.

Maria – South Carolina, USA

Custom Home Design Process

1. Analysis of your site

At first, we would need to obtain information about your lot. Site analysis takes into account the Sun path, best outdoor views, privacy, etc. We assist you in finalizing project brief.

2. Schematic design

This involves spatial floor plan arrangements and house appearance. We create various floor plan options with different house interior design possibilities. House architecture is expressed within your desired home design style.

3. Design development

Developing home design in the greater detail to finalise house floor plan with defined spatial arrangements. Offering various exterior design options with different cladding layouts, use of materials, various roof types, custom windows, house details etc.
Truoba custom home design

4. Final house design

This stage is reached once you are completely satisfied with the house plan layout, home interior and exterior design. Once the house design is finalized production of house plan drawings takes up to 1 week. More info